ERBIWA Mould Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded as an independent branch of Forwa and ERBIWA Gmbh(Headquarters in German, and another branch in USA) in China, have a comprehensive Domestic and Off shore Supply Chain Network .

As a full service custom plastic injection molding supplier, ERBIWA was set up on August 1st, 2016. By the end of July in 2017, we built 150 sets molds for our customers, and we created USD 6,900,000 turonover. ERBIWA total occupied area 4000㎡.

ERBIWA focus on providing high quality plastic injection molds and parts to automotive , electroics, consumer-industrial , medical and appliance markets.
Customized service include: Plastic injection molds & parts

We have been sold all over the world and win the favorable comment from the customers. A proud fact is that, ERBIWA Automotive parts are used by big brands that includes names like GM, AUDI, FORD, VOLVO,MINI,HAGER, etc..

ERBIWA , a full service custom injection molding supplier serving in the automotive, health care, electronics, consumer-industrial, and appliance markets.

ERBIWA's team have 65 employees, we have rich experience in plastic mold industry for years.

Our scientific approach to mold building and processing give ERBIWA a competitive advantage that our customers can capitalize on.

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